Cultural Tourism


Cultural Tourism


March Baegunsan Mountain Gorosoe Festival

Baegunsan Mountain Gorosoe Festival

  • Venue Gorosoe Altar, Donggok-ri, Oknyong-myeon
  • Introduction It is a traditional local festival with proceedings of a traditional rite before the opening of the festival, Gorosoe Ceremony, and other festival events. The Gorosoe Ceremony is designed to wish for residents’ prosperity and extraction of abundant Gorosoe water.

March Gwangyang Maehwa Festival

Gwangyang Maehwa Festival

  • Venue Maehwa Village, Dosa-ri, Daap-myeon
  • Introduction As the earliest spring festival in Korea, it is held at a time when splendid blooming apricot flowers are surrounded by a gorgeous view of the Seomjingang River.

September Seomjingang Culture Festival

Seomjingang Culture Festival

  • Venue Mangdeok Port (Mujeopseom Plaza), Jinwol-myeon
  • Introduction The port, where the Seomjingang River meets the Gwangyang Bay and enters Namhae, hosts the festival with the theme of gizzard shads, the local produce of Gwangyang.

October Gwangyang Sutbulgui Festival

Gwangyang Sutbulgui Festival

  • Venue Seocheon Sports Park, Gwangyang-eup
  • Introduction The festival celebrates Gwangyang Sutbulgui (grilled beef on traditional hardwood charcoals), which is a special, local cuisine.

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