Mayor’s Office


Mayor’s Office


Dear respectable citizens! It's very nice to meet you.

I am your mayor of Gwangyang City, who is starting vigorously as an official elected in the new 8th popular election.

I will create Gwangyang City, where all citizens are happy and well-off, with multi-faceted municipality administration operations centered on various citizens who participate and communicate in a variety of forms.

In addition, I will open a new Gwangyang City with citizens by carrying out a touching and warm administration affairs.


My dear citizens!

Gwangyang City is a place with more hope for the future than any other city.

Gwangyang City is a young and dynamic city with endless potential for development. If all 150,000 citizens of Gwangyang City become united and pool strength and wisdom together, I am sure that Gwangyang City's future will be brighter.

With the participation and cooperation of various citizens, I will open the "Touching Era, Warm Gwangyang," which will give you a heart-felt impression for the development of Gwangyang City and the happiness of citizens.

I anticipate your strong support and encouragement.

Thank you.

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